MAC Colored Eyeliner Review

you anticipate using the most frequently. Even if the quality isn’t quite up to pace, I might choose a less expensive choice that fits the bill in terms of color for infrequent wear or a particular event.

Worth buying M.A.C. Colour Excess Gel Pencil Eyeliners?

Yes, but just the brighter shades.

Although the Excess Gel Pencil Eyeliners are more expensive, I felt that the $23 price tag was justified because the colors “The Last Word” and “Commitment Issues” are exactly what I’ve been looking for in fun-colored eyeliners. I’m particular about the colors I use for my eyeliner, so I found the $23 price tag to be reasonable.

However, I wouldn’t suggest spending this much money on the line’s neutral-toned products like “Glide Or Die” (dark black), “Skip The Waitlist” (warm brown), or “Sick Tat Bro” (cool brown), as they aren’t as hard to get as brighter tones. Once more, I’d recommend Revlon and NYX, who sell neutral tones for roughly $9 each. The brighter colours offered by M.A.C. are ultimately the ones you should invest in because they steal the show.

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Prices were correct when this article was published, but they could change in the future.