Mob lynching in West Bengal: Bihar Police SHO beaten to death

An unruly mob in West Bengal brutally murdered a Bihar police officer. A mob led by Ashwini Kumar, SHO of Kishanganj police station in Bihar, went to the village of Pantapada in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal in search of an accused. In defense of the perpetrators, the mob turned on the police. As reported in the media, the general public was under the impression that the police were on the scene in order to spread chaos following the election.

Several police officers were present when Ashwini Kumar’s team was attacked.

Friday and Saturday at 2 p.m. are the scheduled times for the event.

IG Suresh Prasad claims that a mob of Kishanganj residents attacked the police station and killed them when they went to investigate a bike theft.

The body of the SHO was sent to Islampur Sub-Divisional Hospital in Bengal by the West Bengal Police for postmortem examination.

According to Prasad’s statement, “The case will be investigated and all the accused will soon be arrested by conducting joint raids with the help of Bengal police.”

Ashwani Kumar reportedly arrived at the Bengal police station late at night, according to reports.

As a result, the in-charge of the station instructed the ODO to accompany them, and the ODO informed them that they had arrived from the rear.

Ashwani Kumar made it to the village on his own.

In the aftermath of this, the villagers beat him to death with rocks, sticks, and other implements.

The media has also reported that he was also killed in the incident.

Police were ambushed and shot at in broad daylight, according to a report.

Which also resulted in the death of Ashwini Kumar.

The autopsy results, on the other hand, have not yet been released.

Ashwani Kumar had requested assistance from the local police, according to a statement from the Bihar Police Association.

On which he had promised to send Ashwini and a team.

According to reports, he had no help from the Bengal police.

He was attacked with sticks and stones when he got to Uttar Dinajpur, a village nearby.

As a result of which, he lost his life.

Mrityunjay K Singh, the president of the Bihar Police Association, told reporters that the officer’s body was left at the scene after the shooting.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died of his injuries.

The killing of a police officer in Panjiara has so far resulted in the arrest of three people.

Furthermore, it has emerged that one of the main suspects is also a suspect.

Ashwini Kumar was reportedly a 94th batch inspector at the Purnia district’s Janaki Nagar police station, according to reports.

Kishanganj police station in Bihar is where he has been working for less than a year.

As part of an investigation into the rising number of robberies in the area, SP Kumar Ashish issued a notice to all station chiefs on Friday, asking them to arrest warrantees.


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