MSNBC guest: ‘It’s not hyperbole to make comparisons’ between former German Reich, today’s GOP

During an episode of “Deadline: White House” with Nicole Wallace on MSNBC Tuesday, Miles Taylor compared President Trump and Republicans to “the emergence of Hitler.”

During a larger conversation regarding the January 6 hearings, Taylor, a low-level Trump worker who was exposed to be ‘Anonymous’ in 2020 after releasing a New York Times op-ed and book critical of the president while he still worked in the government, made the remarks.

What does the fact that this has been authorized and enabled say about one of the two major parties, the one you and I formerly belonged to? Wallace questioned Taylor in reference to alleged inappropriate behavior on the part of Republicans and President Donald Trump.

Taylor answered, “Donald Trump’s identity was crystal evident from the start. We all knew who he was in the Republican Party. Many people didn’t think he would win the election and certainly didn’t want him to receive the nomination. But when they did, just sort of walked along with it voluntarily.”

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“The violence in this situation is really, really the center of everything. According to my friend Alex Vindman, the reason why so many individuals are remaining silent is because intimidation is effective. And, God forbid, political violence leading to political assassinations is something that has previously occurred in democracies “Taylor inserted.

© AP Miles Taylor, a former employee of the Department of Homeland Security, and Donald Trump, a former president.

“You are aware of its location. Before the rise of Hitler, we witnessed it in the German Weimar Republic “He went on.

“We observed exactly comparable behavior occurring that was based on, guess what? A giant falsehood, so drawing such similarities is not exaggeration. On a major political fabrication that sparked that level of violence, “He asserted.

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“I worry primarily about the Republicans retaking the House and the Senate in the fall and perhaps seeing Donald Trump return because he is going to be on a vindictiveness tour, on a revenge tour, against his political opponents,” he continued.

“We have seen it before in history; we need to be vigilant about it now,” Taylor continued.

The recent attempt on the life of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was not mentioned, nor was Vice President Kamala Harris’ backing for a bail fund to release far-left BLM and ANTIFA rioters from prison.

Former Republican Taylor asserted that the Republican Party poses a bigger threat to the US than ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Russia in 2021.

In 2020, the editorial board of The Jerusalem Post released an editorial denouncing Hitler analogies to Trump. Jewish people make up Trump’s daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.