Mullappally Ramachandran: ‘Six thousand people attend Pinarayi’s meeting, 2,000 PR companies’

Mullappally Ramachandran, the president of the Kerala Pradeshiya Janata Party (KPCC), has accused the PR agency of recruiting people for Pinarayi Vijayan’s election campaign. Mullappally claimed that Pinarayi was holding meetings for three constituencies, and that the maximum number of people who attended a meeting was 6,000 people. ‘Malayala Manorama,’ was Mullappally’s retort.

There were three constituencies represented at Pinarayi’s meeting. A single location could hold up to 6,000 visitors at a time. A PR agency has been inundated with requests to meet with Captain X. Each location receives about 2,000 workers from the same company. Stalin is the man he aspires to emulate. Stalin was addicted to power. His answer to the question of whether Pinarayi Vijayan’s supporters are concerned about the UDF was Mullappally Ramachandran.

It was hoped that K Sudhakaran would take part in the competition.

In this way, Mullappally argued, it would help convey the message that the Congress is a party that is willing to take on both the BJP and the CPI (M).

Mullappally Ramachandran, on the other hand, expressed optimism that the state’s government would be replaced and that the UDF would win up to 100 seats in the legislature.

“This is a game of life or death for the Congress,” Mullappally said of the victory in Kerala.


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