‘Mumbai’: MIDC’s server hacked, threat to destroy data, stir in state

The server of the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has been hacked, according to shocking new information. The entire state has been rocked by this. On the MIDC’s server, hackers are demanding Rs 500 crore in ransom. According to reliable sources, the hackers sent a demand for Rs 500 crore via email to Midc’s official mail ID. The hackers of the MIDC server have made threats to destroy data.

MIDC’s server has been compromised since last Monday, according to the information that has been received.

There have been 16 regional offices, including Mumbai, shut down as a result of this.

To get access to the official email of Midc, hackers demanded 500 crore rupees.

The data on the hacked server is threatened with destruction if this request is not met.

I couldn’t get it to move at all

A single online system provides access to the entire MIDC network of industrial estates, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and various programs.

There has been a breach of security on this system server.

As a result, since last Monday, all work has come to a halt.

A virus is discovered in the computer at MIDC after it has been turned on.

As a result, if you enter this system, you may lose data.

MIDC has advised all offices to refrain from turning on computers as a result.

Efforts to find hackers have begun.

If the MIDC server is compromised, all data should be retrievable.

A cyber cell complaint should also be filed, according to experts in the field.

There is no indication as to whether the hackers are domestic or foreign.

It has been reported that a search is underway for them.

There is a growing demand for flexible work arrangements.

Nonetheless, an investigation has been launched at the regional MIDC office after MIDC’s data was compromised.

An alternative system for running the MIDC server is wanted by industry associations and entrepreneurs alike.

After a series of power outages around Mumbai last year, Home and Energy Minister Nitin Raut raised the possibility of a Chinese cyber attack.

News of MIDC’s data being hacked has sent shockwaves throughout the state.

A MIDI server has been compromised.

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In the last 18 months, there have been 3.17 million cases of cybercrime in India.


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