Naruto x Fortnite returns with Itachi, Gaara, and Orochimaru

New Naruto skins are coming to Fortnite following the duo’s triumphant debut.

With four new skins from the anime and manga series Naruto, Fortnite has added more anime characters to its battle royale mode. Gaara, Hinata Hyuga, Itachi Uchiha, and Orochimaru are the first four new characters to enter the fight. The organization will host a unique event dubbed The Nindo that gives participants free goodies. On June 23, the new Naruto skins ought to be accessible.

In honor of the new Naruto skins, the Fortnite community has created a new challenge called The Nindo. By achieving kills, surviving storms, or even just catching fish, players can earn badges. With a customized glider and a cosmetic wrap with an Akatsuki motif for completing all five, badges count towards unlocking exclusive emoticons. On June 23, an official Fortnite webcast will provide further information to fans about the planned cooperation.

Naruto X Fortnite now includes Orochimaru, Gaara, Hinata, and Itachi.

The newest Naruto Fortnite skin pack features the following four characters, according to official information:





Each character from the anime is a favorite among fans, having appeared both before and after the Shippuden time leap. Before becoming the fifth Kazekage, Gaara was once a crazy foe of Naruto. Throughout the entire series, Hinata and Naruto had a romantic relationship, and they got married before the events of Boruto. Sasuke’s older brother Itachi began as a villain but evolved into something far more sympathetic, and Orochimaru acted as Sasuke’s tutor for a significant portion of his upbringing.

Early Shippuden was the time period for the characters in the first Naruto x Fortnite collaboration, and that will be the case for the second wave. Itachi is sporting his distinctive Akatsuki cloak, while Orochimaru is dressed in his vintage medical garb. Gaara is rocking his crimson cloak and enormous sand gourd, and Hinata is sporting her custom-made Hyuga costume. On June 23, the new Fortnite x Naruto skins will be made available to players.