New Range Rover Demolished After Fall On Transport

LOVE, BOYD A. When the Range Rover disengaged from the carrier, there was a collision with injuries that involved at least one other car.

According to The Daily Voice, a brand-new Range Rover was totaled on Thursday morning after it purportedly fell off the back of a car carrier while moving along a New Jersey roadway.

Around 8:30 in the morning, the incident happened on the northbound side of Route 17 in Paramus. The resulting commotion included a black Honda Accord, and both vehicles had to be pulled away from the site. At least one person was hurt, according to photographer Boyd A. Loving, who was present. Their injuries’ severity was kept a secret.

According to the pictures, none of the other Range Rovers in transportation appeared to have been harmed. What caused the SUV to fall off the trailer is unknown.

The 2023 Range Rover in question was operating with California manufacturer plates at the time of the incident, it is vital to mention. Five identical Range Rovers, all painted the same exact color and appearing to have the same characteristics, were being transported on the transporter it came off of. This suggests that the carrier was most likely traveling to the Jaguar Land Rover corporate office, which is located just up the road in Mahwah, New Jersey.

A spokesman for Land Rover verified the event to Road & Track by email, but she would not say whether the cars belonged to the company or where they were going. Our request for more information was not immediately answered by Paramus Police.