Nilah, a new champion from League of Legends

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This week, Riot Games unveiled a brand-new League of Legends champion: Nilah, also known as the Joy Unbound. According to Riot, this “massive sustained AoE damage” skirmisher is intended to be used in the bottom lane.

From a faraway land, Nilah traveled to Bilgewater in search of the most formidable foes to challenge and defeat with the help of the ancient demon of joy. To find those responsible for keeping Viego confined within her country’s borders, she set out on a perilous journey, but something even worse appeared as she traveled.

The more positive effects that are cast near Nilah, the more powerful she and her allies become in their quest to slay legendary monsters and great evils. Here are all of Nilah’s abilities, broken down based on that central tenet.

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Passive – Endless Joy

Nilah and her closest ally gain 50% of the experience that would have been lost if they shared it with other nearby allies had they not used the last hit on a minion. When Nilah is shielded or healed, she grants an additional benefit to both herself and her allies. This is because heals and shields have more effect on Nilah.

Nilah’s ability to enhance shielding and healing around her or an ally casting on themselves will make the shield on Nilah more effective and partially grant the shield to her ally.

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a blade with no form

The first ability of Nilah can be used passively or actively.

As a result of the Formless Blade’s passive, Nilah’s attacks can bypass some of her opponent’s armor and heal her for some of the damage they inflict. Scaling with critical chance, this effect can overheal, granting a shield to Nilah, thus granting her a protection.

In the active effect, all enemies hit by Nilah are dealt damage in a line. Nilah’s attack range and attack speed increase for a short period of time after she hits an opponent, and her basic attacks deal damage in a cone.

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The Jubilant Veil is a W-level spell.

All basic attacks, movement speed, and magic damage are reduced by Nilah’s encasing herself in a mist. They are granted the Veil and all its benefits, but only for half of the time it normally takes.

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In other words, E is for “slipstreams.”

There is a dash that Nilah has two charges of, which she uses to strike at an enemy for a fixed distance and inflict damage on all enemies she comes into contact with. Nilah can use Q, Formless Blade, and her empowered attacks while in Slipstream.

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R – Apotheosis.

As time goes on, Nilah creates a vortex around herself, which inflicts damage and attracts enemies towards the center. After that, she unleashes one final burst of power as her ultimate move. In addition to healing Nilah, the amount of heal can also generate a protective shield around her. Whenever Nilah’s critical strike chance increases, so do the healing and protection provided by her ultimate ability.

League Patch 12.13, due out on July 13th, will bring Nilah’s joy-inducing abilities to the Rift.

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