Olympic soccer star Tobin Heath has a new artwork

NBC News

A new painting by Olympic soccer star Tobin Heath appeared to reveal her sexuality after she posted a picture of it on Instagram with the words “I am gay.”

Striker Abby Wambach, 34, of the United States women’s national team, posted an Instagram photo of herself in front of her work, “Out Now,” with the caption, “i’m going to be in a museum.”

The painting was sold at re—inc, a company founded by Heath along with team members Megan Rapinoe, Meghan Klingenberg, and Christen Press on Tuesday. According to the website of the gender-neutral streetwear brand, products are available for “all gender identities and body types.”

A spokesman for Heath did not immediately return a call seeking comment on the matter on Wednesday.

According to Heath’s official website, “Out Now” is “her most vulnerable work of art yet” for re-inc.

“Tobin’s process was an evolution in and of itself,” the company stated in its description of the piece. The art she was painting had inspired her, and so she began to play while she was at it. “The bold and brave structure that emerged serves as an ode to the difficult journey of self-discovery. “

There is a multi-dimensionality to a person’s coming out experience in each square, according to the company. The deliberate spacing between each letter suggests that our identities and journeys aren’t always completely intertwined. You can go on an adventure here. To undergo a shift in circumstances. The words “I am” evoke both self-assurance and the ability to critically examine what you believe to be true about yourself. There is a lot of room for change in our identities as we go through the various stages of our development. “What if we could build our identities like a kid playing with letter blocks on the floor, free to explore and discover who we are?”

On Twitter, both soccer fans and lesbians praised Heath’s work.

One Twitter user observed that “out now” by Tobin Heath was the main attraction at the museum.

On Twitter, another person wrote, I feel an absolutely overwhelming amount… about one tobin heath!!!

Ashlyn Harris, the wife of Heath’s former teammate Ali Krieger, gave a heartwarming response to Heath’s Instagram post in support of the United States women’s national team.

“Proud of you, my dear. It’s an honor to call you a friend “Harris penned.

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