Our moisturizer is great for giving skin a healthy and radiant glow

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Having a variety of moisturizers to choose from is a good thing. And if you haven’t changed up your summer skincare routine, you’ll need a lightweight moisturizer that does more than one thing. The Weekend Glow, a daily brightening moisturizer from Versed, has just been released. Skin is softer, brighter, and stronger thanks to the weightless formula. There is a silver lining to this story? Because it costs only $20, you have the option of purchasing additional copies if you so desire. Once you’ve experienced the soothing and brightening effects on your dry and dull skin, you’ll probably want to try it. With Versed’s Weekend Glow, you’ll get deep hydration and a glow that lasts throughout the day.

Commenter: “I’ve noticed a difference in the appearance and overall texture of my skin since I started using this moisturizer.” “I love the glow it gives off, and how light it is!” says one user.

Versatile Glow for the Weekend

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$19.99 for Weekend Glow. Now is the time to buy Please Consider Subscribing

The Weekend Glow is more moisturizing and thicker than Versed’s other glow-worthy products because of its powerful ingredients. You’ll find vitamin C, cloudberry seed oil to soften dry or uneven skin texture, and carrot root extract in the brightening cream, which protects against blue light damage.

The cherry on top? This is done without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin thanks to the non-greasy formula. It’s enough to keep me moisturized all day without the flakes, according to one reviewer who has combination dry skin. It’s also not greasy or heaving! Nonetheless, it gives and leaves a lovely glow!”

If you want to look your best this summer, get Versed’s new brightening moisturizer now.

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