Report: Hornets hesitant to match max offer sheet to Miles Bridges

NBC Sports has provided this information.

Since Rich Paul talked him out of signing an extension worth an estimated $60 million last year, Miles Bridges will be able to earn a lot more as an RFA this summer.

Even with the Hornets, it’s not clear yet.

As reported by The Athletic’s Shams Charania,

When it comes to July, rival executives believe that Charlotte will be unable or unwilling to match a max contract for restricted free agent Miles Bridges, and sources say there is reluctance from Charlotte.

Over the course of four years, a maximum offer sheet is estimated to be worth $131 million. The Hornets ought to be wary of syncing up with each other.

They should also be able to fit together.

So far, the value of bridges hasn’t been demonstrated to be quite that high. However, he’s a 24-year-old athletic and versatile forward with a proven track record of improvement and areas where he can improve further (defense, 3-point shooting). A player of his caliber is impossible to find in Charlotte. It’s unlikely that the Hornets would be able to land a high lottery seed even if they let Miles go.

Rather than sign Kemba Walker to a lucrative contract, Charlotte recently made the controversial decision to let him go. Those efforts paid off, and the Hornets should be given some slack. Bridges, on the other hand, is a mere ten years younger than Walker. If the cheap move worked before, it doesn’t guarantee it will work again.

To be fair to Charlotte, it’s possible that this report doesn’t accurately reflect their strategy. Bridges has a financial incentive to persuade other teams that the Hornets will not match a max offer. Others will be reluctant to waste their time on a Bridges offer sheet if they believe Charlotte will match. In light of this report, it’s almost inevitable that teams will try to acquire Bridges, even if the offer sheet is not matched.

Miles Bridges’ offer sheet isn’t being matched by the Hornets, according to NBC Sports’ report.