Rivera defends players after Goodell’s hearing

from Sports Illustrated magazine

The head coach of the Washington Redskins gave an in-depth account of his two-year tenure with the team.

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Ron Rivera, the head coach of the Commanders, released a statement in response to a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing for the organization and its owner, Dan Snyder.

In all respects, I’d like to make a few clarifications. During the hiring process, Dan and Tanya Snyder asked me to do two things. WIN! Rivera added, “And help us change our culture.” We began implementing concrete protocols to correct any inappropriate workplace issues and improve our workplace environment on January 2, 2020, the day I was hired, just to be clear.

When the team hired Jason Wright to be its president, Rivera was an integral part of the hiring procedure.

As Rivera put it, “The Snyders were very deliberate in finding the best person to run the business side, and I was consulted throughout.” In the end, we all agreed that Jason Wright was the best candidate, not just because he was black, but because he also had extensive experience as an NFL player and as a McKinsey and Co. partner. When it comes to hiring the right people to run the company, Jason has done an excellent job.”

Before he was even officially hired as head coach, Rivera undertook a cultural audit under the direction of Beth Wilkinson. An issue for the committee is Wilkinson’s report because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he would not hand it over.

While putting an NFC East Division-winning football team on the field in the fall of 2020, many new standards and protocols were implemented within the organization for employees to voice and address any issues they may have. This report was completed in Spring of 2021, and our organization was already or was in the process of implementing all of the recommendations it contained.

Last but not least, Rivera admitted that most of the allegations against Snyder and the Washington organization had been made before he was hired.

There have been investigations into inappropriate workplace issues going on since before I was hired, according to him. “I can’t change the past, but I would hope our fans, the NFL, and Congress can see that we are doing everything in our power to avoid repeating those workplace issues,” he said in an interview. In addition, know that our employees are treated with respect, listened to, and valued.”

On Wednesday, Congress announced that it would issue a subpoena to the Commanders owner in order to force him into testifying at the hearing.

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