Sanjay, son of Gulshan Grover, will make a web series on Osho first secretary Laxmi

The book Rashid Maxwell wrote will be the basis for the series.

Gulshan Grover, dubbed the “Badman of Bollywood,” has had a profound impact on countless lives through his powerful performances and distinctive sense of fashion.

In the role of Villain, this actor enjoys a solid fan base.

New information is surfacing that Sanjay Grover will also be making his mark in the Bollywood industry.

Sanjay is reportedly planning a web series on Lakshmi, Osho’s first secretary, according to reports.

Sanjay will be in charge of the production of this show.

Gulshan, a major web series, will be produced by my son Sanjay.

Web series by Sanjay Grover’s father Gulshan is based on the spirituality guru Osho’s first secretary mother, yoga teacher Yoga Lakshmi, according to Times of India.

Gulshan, the son who returned from California, has given an interview to the portal important information about his son’s career.

That was the best day of my life,” Gulshan exclaimed. I’m ecstatic about it. Sanjay, my son, is working on a major web series.

It was also revealed that Sanjay will work with Rahul Mitra to produce the Maa Lakshmi web series.

Let me tell you that Rahul has previously produced a number of films.

It was Rahul who made the films in the “Saheb Biwi Gangster” series.

Sanjay will collaborate with Rahul Mitra to produce a television series.

Gulshan claimed that Sanjay had worked in MGM Studios California in the areas of creativity, financing, and distribution.

He admitted that he had used the term “emotional blackmail” to describe what he had done to the son India.

Gulshan claims that Sanjay is a serious film buff.

According to what he said, Sanjay keeps an eye out for movie theaters around the globe.

He added that he hoped to see his son finish the massive undertaking in the near future.

Gulshan was introduced to the concept of making a web series by Rahul.

They were both in agreement that the series should be made after this.

The book Rashid Maxwell wrote will be the basis for the series.

Rashid Maxwell’s book “The Only Life: Osho, Lakshmi and a Journey of the Heart” was sent by Osho World Foundation’s Atul Anand, the Osho Foundation was quoted as saying.

He purchased this book’s rights after this. Sanjay is said to be close friends with Tiger Shroff and has the potential to produce films in the future. As the rumors go, Sanjay doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a big star.

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