Sedans Built for different uses

The Volkswagen The ID for Volkswagen. Volkswagen’s modular electric platform will support the battery-powered sedan Aero.

On June 27, the pre-production VW ID. Aero will make its public debut.

The Volkswagen MEB platform, which presently supports the electric Volkswagens, will support the VW ID. Aero.

The ID. Aero will be on sale in China in the second half of 2023, according to VW, and make its North American and European debuts later that year.

Although sedan sales may be declining in the US, these traditional three-box forms seem to be popular in other markets. Volkswagen intends to introduce the ID. Aero, a battery-electric sedan on its modular electric platform, in an effort to tap into the premium sedan market in China.

The ID. Aero will probably be aerodynamic even though it is still in the pre-production phase. The teaser image appears to be fairly svelte; giving an electric vehicle the greatest amount of slipperiness will give this sedan the greatest amount of range. It makes likely that this aerodynamic sedan would outperform the present stablemates that share the same platform given that it will be constructed on VW’s MEB architecture.

Volkswagen hasn’t given us any concrete information on the future ID. Aero concept or production vehicle, but since we know it will be built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, we can make some educated assumptions. It will probably come in single-motor and dual-motor configurations with hardware similar to that of the ID.6.

On Monday, June 27, Volkswagen will display the ID. Aero in its pre-production state. The Chinese market is expected to receive the vehicle in the second half of 2023. Unexpectedly, Volkswagen also intends to launch the ID. Aero in North American and European markets in 2023, which could be encouraging news for US sedan enthusiasts.

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