Spike in civilian casualties in Afghanistan post peace talks since 2020: UN

According to the United Nations’ mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) annual report, 8,820 civilians were killed in 2020.

This year’s total was down by 15% from the year before. A sharp rise in civilian deaths occurred in the final three weeks of 2020, when peace talks began, according to the report’s authors.

Peace talks mediated by the United States began in September, but progress has slowed since then, and violence has increased as it is uncertain whether global forces will withdraw troops by May, as originally planned. c.

This week’s report from the United Nations says civilian deaths rose sharply after peace talks began last year, calling for a ceasefire as negotiators met after weeks of inaction.

Deaths and injuries have increased for the first time since records began in the last three months of this year. The number of deaths in the fourth quarter of this year was up by 45 percent from the same period last year.


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