Sunbasket’s meal delivery service makes healthy eating easy

You’re not alone if you want to eat healthier but aren’t sure where to start. In an effort to change my eating habits, I decided to write a review of Sunbasket. As someone who orders takeout too frequently and frequently makes the same food, I have to say that I’m quite impressed with this meal delivery service. But let’s not go on. Here is all you need to know about Sunbasket, including its value as an investment.

How is Sunbasket put to use?

A meal delivery business called Sunbasket focuses on organic ingredients and simple, straightforward meals that will appeal to both foodies and picky eaters. Every week, a new set of meals are added to the menu, and they cater to pretty about any diet you can think of, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, low-calorie, and Paleo. (It’s kind of like Blue Apron or Hungryroot’s hipper, California-based cousin.)

You can order an unlimited number of meals from Sunbasket each week, but you must select at least two. The majority come in the form of meal kits, which contain pre-measured components enough to feed two or four people. You can choose single-serving Fresh & Ready dishes that have already been made and only need to be heated if cooking isn’t really your thing. Additionally, you may customize your box with fresh and frozen market items like yogurt and falafel, which may allow you to skip the grocery store altogether.

Meals start at $10 a dish, which is more expensive than the majority of takeout and upscale grocery products but cheaper (and healthier) than basic supermarket meals. For two servings, meal kits will cost you between $23 and $33, and shipping on your first order is free. Following orders’ shipping costs vary by region.

You can suspend or cancel your subscription at any moment, and boxes are sent with everything you need for the coming week. Sunbasket reduces food waste because everything is pre-portioned. Additionally, almost all of its packaging is recyclable, furthering its commitment to sustainability. With the exception of Montana, North Dakota, and a portion of New Mexico, the majority of zip codes in the contiguous United States are covered.

Review of Sun Basket

I don’t seem to fit Sunbasket’s ideal customer profile because I’m notoriously bad at following directions. My favorite weekly challenge is the supper from the empty fridge. I usually always buy ingredients from the grocery store around the corner. But I’m also in a rut with my go-to meals, particularly those that are plant-based. I also enjoy dining out, and I’m making an effort not to give up and get takeaway when the day is done. Sunbasket avoided both concerns, enabling me to test out a new menu without jeopardizing my dietary habits.

I tried three dinners from Sunbasket, each with two portions, and was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to discover alternatives that suited my dietary requirements. I try to avoid eating dairy products, and I also generally steer clear of meat when cooking. I chose rainbow quinoa-black bean tacos, grilled fish and fennel en papillote, and smoky tempeh nachos with cucumber-grape salsa among the roughly 20 meal package selections.

Almost every meal delivery service makes the idea that it would be a simple process, but not all of them deliver on that promise, particularly when you need to get a second cutting board or search up a word on Google. (What distinguishes julienne from chiffonade, exactly?) However, Sunbasket actually lives up to its promise; the hardest work was cubing a cucumber and I only spent 25 minutes or less on each meal.

Even better, I never felt overstuffed after eating; rather, I was perfectly content. When I prepare food for myself or place an order at a restaurant, I find it challenging to strike the right balance. I’ve broken down my experience into individual recipes.

Black-bean tacos with rainbow quinoa

It was also the simplest dinner I had from Sunbasket. The entire process took less than 10 minutes, the most of which was spent just microwaving the pre-cooked quinoa-bean filling. The tacos lacked the traditional taco flavor you’d associate with ground beef, in part because the recipe was vegan. But the outcome was a nice change, complete with juicy tomatoes, sharp, tangy slaw, and surprisingly excellent pre-made guacamole. Additionally, even though it was intended for two people, there was enough food for three people. Not a bad place to begin.

Salmon and Fennel Roasted

Fennel has consistently disappointed me in the past. But this vegetable was so wonderful that I’m now a fennel fan (along with the perfectly roasted salmon and crunchy zucchini). I began to appreciate all the considerate touches I had overlooked in the original recipe as I prepared this meal, such as the easy-open plastic bags, the materials’ clear labels, and the accompanying parchment paper. With only salt, pepper, and oil needed, I completed the preparation in about ten minutes. Nearly as soon as I started eating, I completed everything on my plate, and in the process, I learned a new technique for cooking salmon. Well done, Sunbasket!

Nachos with smoked tofu

It can be difficult to get vegan cheese. When it’s done perfectly (which, to be honest, isn’t often), it’s a miracle; when it’s done poorly (which is the most of the time), it’s a gooey mess that makes you wonder why you even started eating that way in the first place. But rejoice: Sunbasket’s dairy-free version of nachos is very tasty and only requires a little chopping to prepare. When stacked on top of chips, well-seasoned tempeh, fresh cucumber-grape salsa, pickled jalapenos, and incredible “cheesy” cashew sauce form a delicious supper. Given that I didn’t even need to turn on my oven, the recipe is also suitable for the summer. I now support Sunbasket.

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Is Sunbasket a good value?

Sunbasket can be useful if you want to do more cooking at home, are concerned about your health, or are on a particular diet. It was so wonderful that I’m even questioning my dislike of recipes. I had no problems, and every dinner came together quickly and easily in under 30 minutes.

Before you start organizing your weeks around the service, you need think about how (or if) it will fit into your food budget. The service isn’t exactly inexpensive. But for those like me, who frequently spend more per serving on takeout and get into culinary ruts, Sunbasket is like a self-investment—a guarantee that I’ll choose to eat a healthier, home-cooked cuisine over a greasy delivery dinner or the same old plate of spaghetti week after week. In the end, this pricey, scrumptious dish is well worth it and is really worth a try.