Thank You for Making Me a Part of Stranger Things

Kate Bush’s music has been elevated to new (wuthering) heights thanks to Stranger Things.

As a result of its inclusion in Stranger Things 4: Volume I, her song “Running Up That Hill” climbed to the top of both U.S. and UK charts. Bush is now thanking the brothers for bringing mental health back into the spotlight, and not just because of that.

She wrote on her blog on June 20 that “the characters in this latest series are facing many of the same challenges that exist in reality right now.” At a time when everyone, especially children, is going through a lot, I believe the Duffer Brothers have touched people’s hearts in a unique way.

Bush went on to say, “”Running Up That Hill” has been incorporated into the story of Max [Sadie Sink, one of the main female characters] because of its positive portrayal. Her and her friends are surrounded by fear, conflict, and the power of love.”

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Afterwards, Kate praised the brothers for their “courage” and “a much more adult and darker place” in the Netflix series.

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“Everything is moving at such a breakneck pace, as if propelled forward by some unseen force, that I’m completely taken aback by the amount of love and support the song has garnered. I must admit, it’s all very moving “She took a deep breath and thought about it. We’d like to express our gratitude for the song reaching the top of the charts in such an unexpected way.

This song, “Running Up That Hill,” is the first single from Bush’s album Hounds of Love. At its peak in the 1980s, it reached the UK Singles Chart at No. 3 and the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 301. As a result of this, Bush has set a record for the longest-ever gap between number one singles on the UK Singles Chart, according to Billboard. It’s been 44 years since “Wuthering Heights,” her last number-one single, topped the charts.

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It was Nora Felder’s idea to include Bush’s song, even though the Duffer brothers ultimately approved of it, that deserves credit. “It immediately struck me with its deep chords of its possible connection to Max’s emotional struggles and took on more significance as Bush’s song marinated in my conscious awareness,” says Felder, a longtime Bush fan.

Added Felder, “On a broader level, I am also grateful for all of the positive responses to the music, which of course owes a substantial debt to the Duffer brothers and the tremendous work they have done with season four,” in a Billboard interview.

On July 1, Netflix will air the second episode of Stranger Things season four.

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