The Cheap Flights Expert has 4 ways to save on plane tickets this summer

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This season, potential tourists are suffering from airline sticker shock. However, Scott Keyes, proprietor of Scott’s Cheap Flights and author of “Take More Vacations,” believes there are a few reasons why consumers shouldn’t be surprised by the exorbitant prices.

“You may have heard that travel is still down 10% to 15%, but demand is high because the number of planes is much lower. Flights are actually fuller now than they were before the outbreak “‘I told Travel + Leisure,’ he said. “It isn’t just a figment of your imagination. The fact that there are fewer empty seats today than there were three years ago is right there in the numbers.”

There are three main reasons, according to Keyes, why airfares appear to be so expensive. To begin with, travel is on the upswing, and demand is more than anyone anticipated.

He stated, “It came back significantly faster than analysts, airlines, and virtually everybody predicted.” “Leisure travel has entirely recovered to pre-pandemic levels. People are keen to take holidays that they may not have felt comfortable or able to take in the previous couple of years.”

Next, supply hasn’t recovered as swiftly as demand.

“You have full demand, but the actual supply of flights is still 15 to 20% lower than it was before the outbreak,” Keyes observed. “The reason for this is that airlines do not have enough pilots, planes, or ground employees.”

The third element is “the high cost of oil,” which is essential but, as Keyes pointed out, not nearly as significant as the first two. “Jet fuel is the number two expense of every airline,” he added.

However, Keyes shared with us a few tips on how to save money on plane travel. You may need to be more adaptable than you anticipated.

Change the way you plan a trip.

“The most crucial piece of advise I can give you is to flip the way you look for flights on its head if cheap flights are a priority,” Keyes told T+L.

Typically, travelers look for flights in three steps. The first step is for them to decide where they wish to travel. Step two is for them to choose when they wish to go. Step three is to consider the cost of the flight, with price being the least important factor. And that’s when you’re likely to find yourself on an expensive flight.

“If you truly want to get cheap tickets, don’t put [price] last on your list. Make it your highest priority, “he stated “Use the same three-step procedure but in reverse.” Keyes recommended that you start by looking for cheap flights from your local airport, then pick a location depending on travel prices, and finally select times when the “low airfare works for your schedule.”

Wait until the autumn.

“Flights are so expensive right now because so many people are looking for them in two of the most inconvenient ways possible,” Keyes explained. “They’re looking for flights throughout the summer, which is one of the most expensive seasons to travel. And they’re looking for last-minute flights, which is one of the most expensive periods to buy.”

If you want to travel but don’t need to right now, Keyes recommends waiting until the fall, when flights are traditionally cheaper. (Don’t forget that most summer travel benefits are still available in September – only without the exorbitant prices.) On June 13, Keyes presented the following example: “If you check for flights from New York City to Oslo right now, round trip tickets from July 22 to 29 cost $1,230, but round trip tickets from September 22 to 29 cost $237. What I like to say is that low-cost flights aren’t going away anytime soon. They’ll only be gone for the summer.”

Consider the “Goldilocks booking zone.”

If you can prepare ahead of time, you can get the greatest — and maybe cheapest — deals on travel. It all comes down to reserving within the ‘Goldilocks zone,’ which is two to eight months for foreign travel and one to three months for domestic travel, according to Keyes. If you want to fly during the holidays, add a few months just to be safe.

“We’re not seeing any inexpensive summer airfares because those cheap summer flights were available in February,” Keyes explained. “We are currently in the Goldilocks window for the fall, if you think about it. And, if you consider Goldilocks’ window for winter holiday travel, we are currently in it.”

Remember to look for one-way flights.

In terms of domestic travel, Keyes recommends looking for two one-way tickets rather than one round-trip ticket. This is because various airlines may offer a cheaper ticket in either direction. Unfortunately, this similar approach rarely works for overseas trips, according to Keyes, who notes that “the one-way cost is sometimes as expensive as a round-trip journey.” Of course, you can always sign up for travel alerts on sites like Google and Keyes’ newsletter, which sends you inexpensive flight information straight to your inbox so you can book as soon as the prices are correct.

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