The Helpful Fox Senko-San Season 2 Release Date: Latest Updates on This Series!

Season 2 of Senko-San is almost here! Season one was a huge success for Senko-San.

Do you know anything about a second season of Senko-San?

No doubt, but if I’m wrong, you’ll have to wait for Senko-San Season 2 to find out why I’m wrong about your situation.

The Compassionate Fox An anime series called Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-San is also known as Senko-San. Rimukoro’s comedic manga series of the same name was adapted for the big screen. The first episode of this anime aired on April 10th, 2019. When it finished airing on June 26, 2013, there were a total of twelve episodes. There was a great deal of anticipation for the next installment since then.

In Senko- San, this is the situation.


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What exactly is going on with this show?

Rimukoro’s comedy manga series “The San” centers on the character of Senko San and tells his story. From April 10 to June 26, 2019, the series aired on Japanese television.

Kuroto Nakano, a young salaryman going through a rough patch, is the protagonist of this story. He’s constantly preoccupied with his work at the company, and he’s in a constant state of stress. Kuroto’s house, on the other hand, is electrified one night. When he returns home after a day away, he finds a young girl named Senko who has fox ears and a tail.

Senko has been sent to Earth to save Kuroto from a life of misery. Rinsome joins Kuroto in his quest to find happiness again.

What are your expectations for the characters?


Father has sent his son away to live in the woods with fox ears and a tail. The girl in white, who the narrator refers to as a “angel,” comes to save him from a life of misery. She helps him find real happiness in life, and she has a great deal of fun spoiling Kuroto. Cleaning for him, massaging and assisting with grooming are some of the things she enjoys doing for him. She also likes to put him to sleep on her lap.


As a white-collar employee, he has a lot on his plate. Having been raised by his grandparents in the country, he left the city to find work.


Kitsune sent to help Kuroto because Senko is unable to help him cope with his anxiety. To make matters worse, Shiro treats Kuroto like a slave because she believes humans should revere Kitsunes. This is the height of arrogance.


Kuroto’s next-door neighbor is Yasuko, a Japanese woman. The majority of her waking hours are spent in her dorm room, where she creates manga in her spare time. She is depicted as a sloppy, careless individual who only cleans her house on rare occasions and eats microwaveable meals. Kitsune or not, she appreciated the help cleaning up and preparing lunch from Senko.


Shiro and Senko are both led by her, despite the fact that she is a thousand years old. She’s the one who tasked them with looking after Kuroto, and she sent them both to Earth to do so.

How often does The Helpful Fox Senko San appear on television?

Those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the return of Senko Season 2 can finally rest easy. In the end, you’ll get the information you need.

Senko Season 2 has yet to receive an official renewal announcement.

Several factors fueled this rumor after it was shown. One of the reasons is that the show has been so popular since it aired. Fans of this one-of-a-kind anime show have given it an average rating of 7.35 on the MyAnimeList.

We’ll have to wait for the producer to make the big announcement about Senko season 2’s release date.

Senko San Season 2’s trailer has been released.


It is my hope that you have learned a great deal about “Senko San’s” identity. You should watch it if you haven’t already, because you already know it’s worth your time.

Watch the series now, since I won’t be interfering with your enjoyment of it in any way. You’ll find a wealth of information about your favorite anime series and movies at, so be sure to visit.

I hope you enjoy it! Keep an eye out for more!


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