The New CS Proves How Good a BMW M5 Can Be

You’d think we enjoy it given how much we criticize contemporary BMW M vehicles. That we enjoy becoming upset when one of the companies that produced the first sports sedan produces something that falls short of our expectations. That is definitely not the case. We are aware of BMW M’s amazing capabilities. And the previous two vehicles with CS badges on the trunk have excelled.

One of the best BMWs we’ve seen in recent memory is the M2 CS. It has it all: it’s compact, quick, serious, and entertaining. And it looks fantastic. Simply a joy. BMW then used this, the M5 CS, to apply that formula to the M5. The more aggressive hood and stance, the yellow accent lighting, and those gorgeous wheels really make it look good. It drives as well as it looks.

It sounds strange to say this about a 627-horsepower sedan, but this M5 has a purity that isn’t present in the other models in the lineup. The car’s rest is a case study in how minor adjustments and careful attention to detail can completely change a piece of equipment. Sure, the engine is a brute force monster, not as quick as anything electric but so much more enjoyable.

BMW M5 Cs in 2022

It’s a beautiful interior. Although the lack of storage in the center console seems to be an error given that this is still a family sedan, the fantastic front bucket seats—which were lifted from the new M3—are supportive, comfy, and stylish. The rear buckets are also excellent and a great way to keep your passengers together and feel involved during a slide.

BMW M5 Cs in 2022

The CS is engaging in contrast to the base and Competition spec M5s, which can feel impersonal. When you apply the throttle a bit too early, steering has true feel and is simple to adjust. Powerslides become commonplace when the all-wheel drive is turned off. As IndyCar driver JR Hildebrand and I discovered, it’s actually a lot of fun.