The Skincare Brand Safely Using Pure Silver to Fight Aging

The use of precious metals and stones in high-end cosmetics is nothing new. There are a variety of ways to bling up your grooming routine, from 24-karat gold facials to diamond-infused lotions and platinum serums (and, often, rinse your bank account in the process.) Despite their opulence and novelty, such products have little clinical proof to support their efficacy in skincare.

Silver, on the other hand, is an outlier. A rising body of scientific evidence reveals that ancient civilizations, ranging from the Han Dynasty to Ancient Greece, were onto something when they employed the shiny metal to heal wounds and fight illness. Silver is now known to be a powerful antibacterial agent that prevents and decreases infection by breaking into bacterial cells and playing havoc with their DNA, rendering the microorganisms unable to proliferate. Furthermore, silver appears to be able to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, preserving the vital skin microbiome. Silver has been used in anything from wound dressings and deodorants to sportswear (see Lululemon’s Silverscent line or Patagonia’s Polygiene odor control goods) due to its unusual behavior.

Robb Report provided this information. Face oil, body lotion, and a washing bar that doubles as shaving soap are among Argentum’s silver-infused skincare items. – Photo by Phoebe Roberts Phoebe Roberts is a British actress.

Joy Isaacs’ charmingly stylized skincare brand, Argentum, made perfect sense to integrate the feature. Silver stimulates tissue regeneration and skin suppleness while also acting as an antioxidant and antimicrobial. Because of these characteristics, La Potion Infinie might be considered an anti-aging all-rounder. I was blown away when my skin rebounded back in a day after a particularly messy shave with a double-edge razor, with no nicks, bumps, or burns visible.

“The natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of silver give these products outstanding outcomes for men,” adds Isaacs. “Unwanted germs thrive in razors, and silver has an extraordinary capacity to treat razor-related skin problems.”

Isaacs, on the other hand, did not utilize any ordinary silver. “Silver is found in many products on the market, but not all of them are created equal. “Colloid silver is a generic word for items containing silver particles suspended in a solution,” she explains. “We employ silver hydrosol, which is made up of 99.99 percent pure silver ions that are positively charged.” The purity is important because colloidal silver mass manufacturing can make the key constituent inert and unstable. “Because silver hydrosol includes the most effective species of silver, only a small amount is required for effective outcomes,” she continues.

Robb Report provided this information. While colloidal silver is used in many skincare products, Argentum uses silver hydrosol, which ensures the ingredient’s purity. – Image courtesy of Argentum Argentum

Isaacs has only discovered one producer who can meet her strict specifications for the essential element so far. “We use this raw material in big quantities since we use silver hydrosol to replace the entire water content of our products,” she adds of the line, which includes an oil, a new silver clay mask, and a cleansing bar, Le Savon Lune, that doubles as a shaving cream.

For others who are less concerned with scientific credentials, Argentum’s metaphysical philosophy and very bizarre on-pack pictures communicate the poetry of silver. Silver was associated with the moon by the ancients as a sign of purity, clarity, and strength, and NASA’s Apollo missions discovered trace traces of silver on the astronomical body hundreds of years later. Isaac is enamored with the spiritual and life-sustaining symbolism of silver, and he is prepared to share the benefits of her prized ingredient both through the lens of science and via the wisdom of the mystics. It’s a strange relationship—magic in science and science in magic—but Argentum and Isaacs do a fantastic job of conveying it.

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