The Taycan is the new vehicle for you

The electric car market’s upper echelons have been engaged in an unending race to the finish. From a standstill, each new model boasts a faster, more unbelievable 60 mph time. This can now be accomplished in less than two seconds flat by a Tesla Model S Plaid and in less than three seconds by a 9000-lb electric Hummer. Despite the fact that a 10-ton electric semi-truck could reach 60mph in four seconds, we’d only be impressed for a few seconds. We’ve grown numb to the sheer number of fast, massive vehicles on the road.

What’s the point of doing anything when it takes so little time? As a result, when considering an electric vehicle such as the Porsche Taycan, it’s important to consider factors other than raw acceleration numbers. Do yourself a favor and check out the base Taycan, even if you have nearly $200,000 in your budget and think the Turbo S is the best option. The one without a suffix, not even a number, is the one I meant. In the same vein as Cher.

the base model of the 2022 Porsche taycan

In terms of performance and speed, this is the least expensive and slowest Taycan model, but it is the only one with a rear-wheel drive system and, thanks to the larger battery pack, the most versatile. The big wheels and deletion of the model designation on the rear make it virtually indistinguishable from the other trim levels’ aesthetics. Even though it is the slowest Taycan, it isn’t all that slow. In spite of its two-speed gearbox on the rear axle, it still reaches 60 mph in 5.1 seconds with launch control. That’s more than enough time for most people.

The advantages of rear-wheel-drive go beyond the price tag. In order to reduce its weight, it does not have a front motor and all of its weight is concentrated in front of the front axle. Cars without a powered front end have a more enjoyable driving experience, similar to the Porsche 911. The distinction isn’t immediately apparent; rather, it’s a gradual development that becomes apparent over time. There is a flow to how the Taycan handles a backroad because of the nearly 200 lb weight loss, making it a willing partner that will turn in quicker with talkative and accurate steering. And that’s a huge compliment, given that Porsche makes the best electric steering in the business.

There is a shift from a point-and-shoot warrior to a momentum car when you combine lower power with the overboost capability of up to 402 hp on the Taycan’s over-the-top model. Keep your mid-corner speed up, and get back to the power earlier, for a better start. No surprises, but it’s still a heavy car with all those batteries slung low (Porsche says it weighs in at 4568 lbs). If nothing else, it’s good for the center of mass.

the base model of the 2022 Porsche taycan

In this version of the Taycan, the focus is on the driver rather than on impressing others, whether it’s bystanders admiring a cool wagon body style or passengers gasping for air after repeated acceleration runs. It was also secure. A deer ran out in front of the Porsche’s right front corner at night, and the car handled it like a pro. The car’s performance was unaffected by the superficial damage.

The Taycan’s emphasis on dynamic performance has always necessitated trade-offs. On our test in March 2020, the Turbo S impressed as one of only a few electric vehicles that could complete an entire lap of the track without the brake pedal touching the floor after only a few turns. It could veer off course. It performed flawlessly on the road. Porsche stayed true to its roots and focused on what the brand does best. It should have improved the performance of the Porsches. Aside from the Turbo S, which is rated at 201 miles, the base Taycan with the large battery pack has a range of 225 miles. The base car’s estimated range was closer to 300 miles in real-world conditions. Between these two extremes, I’d guess, is more likely the case. Good, but not outstanding. As it was, the Taycan was quick to charge from 13 to 95 percent in 40 minutes on a 150 kWh charger, even when I wasn’t trying to conserve battery.

the base model of the 2022 Porsche taycan

Don’t bother with the other ones. The price of the base Taycan is the most important consideration. It costs $86,700, which is $11,000 less than the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo, the next step up. Compared to the Taycan 4S sedan, it’s also $20,000 less expensive and a whopping $103,000 less expensive than the Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo. No matter how wealthy you are, those are startling figures. If you add the $5780 battery option with a capacity of 93.4 kWh, it’s only slightly more expensive than the Taycan 4. In comparison to the rest of Porsche’s EV lineup, our nearly $120,000-optioned test car was still a good deal.

That doesn’t come at the expense of the driving pleasure. In spite of the fact that the base model Taycan doesn’t have as much suspension trickery as the GTS or Turbo S, you won’t miss it for the vast majority of your driving. Relax, because it will take a little longer, and I already warned you about that. When it comes to its own merits, the base Taycan is an excellent vehicle.