The Trump administration claims oil production is higher under Trump than Biden

Granholm emphasized the president’s limited influence on the industry’s output while pointing out that gas prices are rising globally.

We need additional participants at the table, she continued, because no president can control the price of fuel alone. “The president is requesting action from Congress. He is urging states to take action. He is requesting assistance from the oil and gas sector as well.”


Granholm stated that oil and gas corporations must cut prices in place of larger profits in addition to continuing to urge for a shift away from fossil fuels to end the boom and bust cycle of gas pricing.

Our message is straightforward: Now is the moment to reinvest those gains so they can better fulfill the needs of our residents rather than using them for shareholders or stock buybacks, she added, noting that many businesses are making huge profits.

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Haisten Willis is the original author.

Oil production increased during Biden, according to the White House, compared to Trump, Obama, or Bush