This classic mouse is still worth buying

In the gaming mouse market, BenQ Zowie’s distinctive shell has set the gold standard for all other mice to live up to. One of the company’s most popular models, the EC2 has a place on our list of favorites.

For those who are unfamiliar with Zowie, he is not a newcomer to the music industry scene. For many years, the leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals has offered high-quality keyboards, mice, headsets, and microphones. Millions of people have been loyal to Zowie since it launched in 2001. If you want the best gaming mouse, look no further than Zowie, which has come up with its own proprietary formula.

Gaming peripherals are becoming more advanced, and new designs with tougher shells are emerging. It’s difficult to find a simple mouse that naturally fits in the palm. The EC2 is a high-end ergonomic mouse that is currently available on Amazon for a reasonable price and offers a combination of comfort, speed, and performance. After using the Zowie EC2 for several years, we’ve put together this review.

EC2 review after years of use with Zowie EC2

The EC2 stands out as a minimal package for dedicated users in a crowd of flashy mice. As soon as it hit the market, we snagged one and put it through its paces for several years before finally retiring it. A veteran Zowie gaming mouse, the EC2 has stood the test of time in both gaming marathons and long workdays. It’s more compact than the EC1. Because of the simple egg shape, it’s suitable for long-distance travel on a regular basis.

If you remove the cable, it weighs 90g, putting it in the light to medium-weight category. The PixArt 3310 sensor may worry some users, but it has no effect on responsiveness while gaming. It’s not a deal breaker that there’s no onboard memory or an application for tweaking advanced settings.

EC2 has everything a gamer needs in a mouse while maintaining the simple design philosophy of the original EC1 mouse. In the long run, it was well worth the money we spent on it.

Game marathons are made easier with Zowie EC2.

The EC2’s strong grip and curvature make it an excellent gaming controller. In order to play for several hours at a time, you need to be comfortable.

Zowie’s EC2 is a scaled-down version of the original EC1, one of the company’s first high-tech mice. If you have a smaller hand, the EC2 should fit you like a glove. There are no dramatic curves or edges in this design, which is typical of Zowie’s aesthetics. It’s a great mouse for long periods of time because of its light weight and simple design. EC2 weighs 90g, compared to EC1, which is much heavier. Even though EC2 weighs 95g, its overall dimensions make it feel nimble and responsive.

Machine rattling is a common problem in over-the-top builds, and a mouse with customizable weighing options is no exception. In contrast, EC2’s grip is firm and uncluttered. This mouse has never rattled, even after years of use on a variety of different surfaces, even when shaken. A Zowie mouse’s overall feel is enhanced by this feature, which is one of the reasons the company has become so well-known.

It’s an all-around good mouse, the Zowie EC2.

Esports fans and hardcore gamers may be aware that professional players avoid overly advanced peripherals because they may be unnecessary. Additionally, EC2 became a favorite among professional gamers, particularly those who play first person shooters. It is the best choice for long gaming sessions because it is simple, yet comfortable and functional.

All of Zowie’s mice are essentially the same, adhering to the company’s mantra of focusing on performance rather than ostentation. The scroll wheel on the EC2 adds a touch of glitz to the otherwise plain device. Using the mouse’s RGB wheel, you can change the mouse’s DPI with the press of a button. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant are two of the best games to play with our pink 800 DPI mouse.

Resolution: 400 dots per inch (dpi)

800 dpi – Light pink

One thousand and sixty-six dots per inch

Green at a resolution of 200 dots per inch

However, you are under no obligation to use only one color. The exceptional design makes it simple to customize the mouse’s appearance by pressing a button on its surface. The bottom of the mouse has a small, shiny button that can be pressed to instantly change the DPI setting. If you’re playing a first-person shooter (FPS) and want to increase your DPI to blue, press the button under the mouse. There are no more RGB scrolls in this model. The frosted wheel was replaced with a black one by Zowie later on.

The PixArt 3310 sensors in the Zowie EC2 were never a problem for us, but they might be for others. If you have a habit of tilting and slamming your mouse against the table, you may experience tracking issues if your sensors are outdated. However, it is worth mentioning in our review because we didn’t have any issues with the mouse. Even though the EC2’s sensor count has been bumped up to 3360, many still prefer the EC2 with 3310 sensors.

It’s safe to say that the EC2’s potential tracing issue isn’t too big of a problem, as many professional gamers continue to use it. Your mouse skills aren’t necessary if you don’t slam the thing around.

For gliding, the mouse has two large feet on the bottom of the build. Smooth movement is possible thanks to the linear surface. The USB 2.0 cable is 2 meters long and connects directly to the CPU. When playing for long periods of time, the cord does not get tangled.

Only basic gaming mice are capable of polling at a maximum of 1,000Hz, which is typical. With five buttons, two on the left side are designed for right-handed use, making it more ergonomic. The shape of the shell makes it ideal for those who prefer to use their claws or palms.’s review of Zowie EC2 explains how it works

On-the-fly switching between weapons and microphones is made easy thanks to the proximity of all the buttons. Without any blips, the scroll wheel can also perform the function of clicking. One of EC2’s main selling points is its egg-shaped shape, but the minimal design is also appealing to many. The EC2 looks nothing like any other Zowie mouse. There’s a small red Zowie logo etched into the glossy shell, but that’s about it.

Has anyone compared it to the Razer Deathadder or Logitech G403 and found it to be superior?

Zowie EC2 may be overpriced, but there may be alternatives. Despite the fact that it’s an older model, players continue to seek it out. However, there are other ways to accomplish the same goal.

You may be just right for an upgrade to a mouse with modern internal hardware and optimized sensors with the Razer DeathAdder V2. When it comes to heavy-duty mice, the DeathAdder V2 weighs in at just over 8 grams, making it one of the lightest out there. The DeathAdder V2 has a competitive advantage because it costs less than $40.

Alternatively, the Logitech G403 Hero is a good choice. The G403’s egg-shaped shell is easy to grip for EC2 users, and it comes with a style upgrade as well. It’s also more customizable and ergonomically designed. For those who travel frequently, the onboard memory is a big plus. A well-known brand’s top product may cost more than EC2, but you get what you pay for.

Glorious Model O, meanwhile, is a worthy competitor. Due to its medium-small size, it would feel right at home in the hands of an EC2 player. Honeycomb shell and a sculpt similar to the EC2 make it a standout.

In this review, we’ll see whether or not the Zowie EC2 is still an excellent buy. was originally published at in its entirety.