To avoid Russia’s growing influence, the EU urged to pay more attention to the Balkans

recognize Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence from Serbia, though 110 nations do, including the United States. It has not yet joined the United Nations.

Kosovo’s potential membership in the EU is highly debatable because EU members Greece, Cyprus, and Spain are among those who do not recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state.

The president of Kosovo stated, “Now in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there’s nothing more complex and more important than fighting autocratic, genocidal regimes, like the Russian regime, because the more space is allowed for Russia to expand its influence in the European continent, the worse it will be for all of us, regardless of whether we are inside the EU or outside of the Union.

On Thursday, the subject will be discussed by European leaders. The Balkans will be closely monitoring whatever they decide and say to Ukraine.

Prior to receiving candidate status, Albania and North Macedonia, which changed its name to improve its chances of joining the EU, are still awaiting the start of accession negotiations.

Osmani-Sadriu emphasized that EU leaders must stress that the bloc’s expansion “is in the benefit of peace and stability of the entire European continent” in their explanations of enlargement to their citizens.