To get your core workout to the next level, try a weighted sit-up

Image: Weighted Sit-Ups by Well+Good

The sit-up is a classic exercise for a reason: when performed correctly, the seemingly easy exercise works your abs as well as a number of other stabilizing muscles in your hips and pelvis to aid in the development of a coordinated, strong core. This prevents damage and makes daily tasks and other exercises like jogging simpler.

If you have been performing sit-ups since you were a child, though, you could be prepared for something… more. What if you wanted to improve your sit-up technique? Grab a dumbbell, a strength training plate, or even a bottle of wine for a weighted variation of the action as an easy method to accomplish that.

A wonderful method to keep your body consistently challenged in a way that creates muscle is by adding a weight.

According to Phil Timmons, program manager at Blink Fitness, “making minor changes in weight translate to large impacts and results.” When performing a weighted sit-up, you may increase the load from bodyweight to a few pounds or even a heavier one. In either scenario, according to Timmons, “your body wants to become efficient at the demands it’s placed in.” Muscle growth is a result of this desire to improve efficiency. Or a stronger core if you’re doing weighted sit-ups.

The weighted sit-up is more difficult than it appears. Trainer Morit Summers will guide you through the most typical mistakes of this difficult move, which include a lot of flailing and holding your breath, in the most recent episode of The Right Way. People, remember to keep your feet on the floor when performing sit-ups! Don’t hold your breath, for goodness’ sake. Instead, exhale as you ascend so that your muscles are ready to contract when you need them.

The key to this strengthening technique, as usual, is to go slowly and carefully. Utilizing momentum is a time waster. This entails lowering back gradually while using the strength of your abs rather than allowing gravity pull you back down to earth as you come up from your sit-up.

Get your core working by watching Summers demonstrate how to properly perform a weighted sit-up in the video above.