Uttar Pradesh: Padma Shri ‘Yogesh Praveen’ did not get the ambulance for hours, Corona is wreaking havoc in Lucknow

The health department in Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow, has collapsed due to an increase in corona cases. Patients are dying in the streets around the hospital. As it stands, even the ministers in Uttar Pradesh’s government are vocal about the state of the state’s healthcare system. On the social media platform, Brijesh Pathak, a cabinet minister in the Uttar Pradesh government and a resident of Lucknow, sent a highly confidential letter to his own government’s health department. Brijesh Pathak, a government minister, has written a letter to the Principal Secretary of the Health Department requesting an ambulance for Padma Shri historian Yogesh Praveen in his area, but the ambulance did not arrive for several hours. After this incident, the CMO stopped answering his phone calls and emails.

Pathak is the state’s law minister.

He has expressed concern about the state of health care in Lucknow, India, at the moment.

Patients with coronary artery disease are grossly negligent.

Not receiving the appropriate care.

Even after receiving a recruitment slip, patients must still be away from home for two to two days.

Lucknow’s private corona investigation has been shut down.

The ambulance is running behind schedule and will arrive at the patient’s location between 5 and 6 hours after the call.

In response to this letter, Brijesh Pathak’s phone has been turned off.

Despite the Health Department’s efforts to conceal the true number of deaths at Corona in Lucknow, ambulances parked in front of the crematorium and adjacent cemetery tell a different story.

There have never been so many Mayyat (murtak) coming to the Aishbagh cemetery, according to Khalid Siddiqui, who lives nearby.

In less than a week, we’ve laid to rest more than 150 people.

The cremation ground, according to Narendra Yadav of Lucknow, is in the same condition.

Several people have died.

Because of corona, patients suffering from other life-threatening conditions are unable to receive medical attention.

For the most part, people in Lucknow have given up hope of receiving medical care from the government apparatus and are placing all of their faith in the aforementioned.

More than 100,000 people have been affected by corona in Lucknow.

Currently, the story of 112286 is being told.

There has been a shift in the government’s approach to using data.

The minister is now saying that more testing should be done.

The use of private laboratories for testing has also been discontinued, according to recent reports.

Padam Shri Yogesh Praveen, a prominent figure in the local literary and artistic community, is enraged by the death of a local artist due to the Health Department’s indifference.

According to Yogesh Praveen’s kin, the ambulance didn’t arrive until he was out of breath and had to be taken to Balrampur Hospital where he died.

Akhilesh Yadav, the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh both expressed their condolences on Yogesh Praveen’s passing.

According to the Municipal Corporation in Lucknow, the number of cremations has increased sevenfold.

This week has seen the cremation of a total of 80 people who had been infected with the Ebola virus.

This is a one-day count.

In addition, the Ash Bagh Cemetery now contains the remains of 160 people who died from the corona virus.

Additionally, the Christian cemetery has received 15 bodies.

Wasim Rizvi’s appeal was rejected, and he was also fined $50,000.


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