Uvalde police chief denied leave of absence from city council meetings amid criticism of school shooting response

The city council unanimously denied Pete Arredondo’s request to take a leave of absence from meetings in Uvalde, Texas, where 21 people were slain in an elementary school massacre last month.

The decision was made on Tuesday by the Uvalde City Council following a harsh testimony from Texas’ public safety director earlier in the day that criticized Arredondo’s police response to the shooting on May 24 at Robb Elementary School.

Arredondo serves on the council.

Public safety chief Col. Steve McGraw described the police response to the shooting as a “abject failure” during testimony on Tuesday at a state Senate hearing in Austin. He said armed officers waited for a key to the classroom the 18-year-old shooter was in but that the door couldn’t be locked from the inside.

Dario Lopez-Mills Pete Arredondo, chief of police for the Uvalde school district.

Pete Arredondo, chief of police for the Uvalde school district. Dorian Lopez-Mills

The police’s response to the shooting at the Uvalde school was “an appalling disaster,” Texas’s director of public safety testifies

The bloodiest school shooting in Texas history, as well as one of the deadliest in American history, claimed the lives of 19 children and two instructors.

At the Uvalde school board meeting on Monday, locals, including abuse victims, demanded the resignation of Arredondo.

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