Wasim Rizvi’s petition dismissed, also fined 50 thousand

The Supreme Court has taken a strong stance against Wasim Rizvi, the former chairman of the Shia Waqf Board. The Supreme Court has ruled against Wasim Rizvi’s bid to have 26 verses of the Quran omitted from circulation. Wasim Rizvi, the petitioner, has also been fined 50 thousand rupees for his actions. Wasim Rizvi petitioned the Supreme Court on March 11 alleging that the Quran’s 26 verses encourage terrorism and violence. Justice Rohinton Nariman presided over the hearing.

Wasim Rizvi’s petition for the removal of 26 verses from the Quran was rejected by the Supreme Court bench headed by Justice RF Nariman.

As part of the proceedings, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition and fined petitioner Wasim Rizvi Rs 50,000.

According to the Supreme Court petition filed by Wasim Rizvi, 26 verses of the Quran promote violence and terrorism, and they are taught in the madrasas, where children are being misled.

Terrorists all over the world can be better equipped to carry out their attacks if these verses are taught and explained.

Wasim Rizvi also stated in the petition that these 26 verses promote bigotry, which could threaten the country’s unity and integrity.. Also, in the petition, Wasim Rizvi claimed that these verses were tacked on later to the Quran.

Several Muslim organizations across the country had objected to the petition of Wasim Rizvi and had called for Rizvi to be prosecuted. Also, the National Minorities Commission objected, calling the petition an attempt to derail the religious harmony notice issued to Wasim Rizvi. Was made available to the public.

He also announced that Wasim Rizvi had been excommunicated by Shia leader Maulana Kalbe Jawwad.

Wasim Rizvi’s family, meanwhile, was adamantly opposed to his departure.

An FIR was also filed in several districts across the country against Wasim Rizvi.

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