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Vehicles available in other countries but not in the United States have long piqued the interest of Americans. Americans hoped that the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA (Peugeot and others), the former parent company of Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and other brands, would result in an import of some of the quirky French cars. As of yet, this has not occurred. The new Peugeot 408, an aerodynamic compact crossover with style to last for days, appears to be just as common in Europe as it is here in the United States. A vehicle that looks like this on the same platform as a rebadged 408 would be easy to imagine as a viable product for the American market, even though it is highly unlikely that such a vehicle would ever be produced here. Squint your eyes a little and “new electric Dodge Intrepid” comes up.

It’s not out of the ordinary for France to release a new car aimed squarely at the American market. In May, utility vehicles accounted for 46 percent of new car sales in France, matching sedans. As a result, Peugeot is betting that many consumers are sick of compact SUVs due to their dated design and widespread use. With a more dramatic design, the fastback shape still retains the qualities that have made SUVs so popular.

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The 3008 is Peugeot’s traditional SUV; however, the 408 is more svelte and aerodynamic. The 408 “offers a feline stance and unique allure, engineering excellence focused on efficiency and intelligent electrification, as well as the emotions provided by cutting-edge technologies dedicated to driving pleasure and instinctive use,” says the automaker.

In the beginning, the company will offer two plug-in hybrid powertrains, each producing 180 or 225 horsepower. A 130-horsepower gas-powered model will also be available. The eight-speed gearbox is standard on all models, and Peugeot says an electric version will be available in the future. In the United States, there is currently no Stellantis brand that offers a completely electric vehicle.

The 408 will be built in Mulhouse, France, and exported to Europe. As soon as 2023, it’ll be on the market for purchase in the United States and China.

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