West Bengal: Voting continues in 34 seats in the seventh phase amid Coronavirus epidemic

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, the seventh phase of West Bengal’s assembly elections has begun. More than 86 million people will cast their ballots in West Vardhman, Dakshin Dinajpur, Malda, and Kolkata during this phase.

After the coronavirus outbreak was contained, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to urge Indians to vote in droves.

Everyone’s attention will be focused on the highly visible Bhawanipur seat, which Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee vacated in order to take on Nandigram.

Energy Minister Shobhan Dev Chattopadhyay, a seven-time assembly election winner for the Trinamool Congress (TMC), is running for the position. Ghosh, a resident of Bhawanipur, voted in this election.

BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh, a popular Bengali actor, is his main opponent.

Additionally, these candidates will be kept under scrutiny.

The city’s development minister and mayor, Firhad Hakim, will run for re-election to the Kolkata Port seat for the third time in a row. They face Awadh Kishore Gupta of the BJP and Mohammad Mukhtar of the Congress. Minority votes can have a significant impact on the outcome of this race.

Subrat Mukherjee and actor Sayoni Ghosh are the other two TMC candidates whose fates will be decided at this point.

Voting was scheduled to begin in the first 36 seats in the seventh phase, but two candidates died, delaying the process.

Pradeep Kumar Nandi, a candidate for the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) in the Jangipur assembly seat, died from the Coronavirus. On Friday, he died.

Following Regaul Haq’s death from Corona, the Shamsherganj elections have been postponed.

In the past,

There were 36 seats up for grabs, and TMC won 14 of them in 2016, with a 36% share of the vote, based on the old results.

The Congress won 12 seats and received 22.4% of the vote, while the Left-wing parties took 10 seats and received 21.6% of the vote, respectively. Only 13.1 percent of the vote went to the BJP, and the party was unable to win a single seat.

Results from the final round of voting in Bengal will be announced on May 2nd of that year.

This is the final round of voting before the results are announced in Bengal, which will take place on April 29th. On March 27, March 1, April 6, April 10, and April 17, six-phase elections were held.

The election results will be announced on May 2nd. Assembly elections will also be held in Kerala, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry on the same day. Elections are held in April in these states as well.


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